Thrupny’s name is inspired by the old British currency. The thruppenny. A “a former coin of the United Kingdom, equal to three pennies”, the thruppenny was itself a corruption of the “threepenny” or “threepence”.
As the expression goes, “Look after the Pennies and the Pounds will look after themselves.”
So goes Thrupny.
In other words, we aim to be so granular in our care of the RE fund’s investments and property management that we will deliver more value through doing the little things right. We will be able to do this by using the blockchain technology to the maximum and therefore not drown in details.
The Transparency Is Everything tag line, however comes actually from an unrelated Italian saying – “L’apparenza e Tutto” – which means “Appearance is Everything”. We liked the steadfast dedication to form over function that the Italians apply to every aspect of their lives. Therefore we decided to paraphrase this saying to reflect our determination for the transparency that can be achieved through blockchain solutions and the spectacular results it can produce for governments and corporations. The step change in real digital transformation is in transparency.
This is our unshakeable belief.
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