Thrupny Expert Consulting
Thrupny, the tokenisation platform company, has launched an expert consulting services to help companies to leverage blockchain in their industry.
Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that will underpin digitization strategies in many industries and government organizations.
Thrupny’s service takes into account a whole range of technologies that create a complete digital ecosystem and bases the underlying efficiencies on blockchain based processes.
More than many technologies that preceded it, blockchain involves whole business and requires a cross departmental view to leverage effectively.
The framework that Thrupny has established enables organisations in most industries to understand how they can best benefit from blockchain and other digitization technologies.
Thrupny Expert Consulting

Andrew Rippon, founder of Thrupny, commentedMany of our customers are seeking the efficiencies and new business models that blockchain can bring but are unsure of the organisation wide impact. In particular, we bridge the gap between technology and the business, in terms of process and business model change management, as well as sourcing the appropriate technologies required.”

The consultancy services will provide a brief business and technology review, followed by detailed plans and business cases for deploying blockchain enhanced processes and business models.

The service is based on the 20 years of business, strategy and technology consulting of the Thrupny team, including work for Delta Partners, Altran and Nexgen.

About Thrupny –

Thrupny is the tokenisation platform for progressive organisations. At Thrupny we believe in the transparency and efficiency that blockchain can bring to investment and operations, so we will be growing the blockchain ecosystem in everything that we do. Therefore we are on a mission to deliver efficient business models with the transparency of blockchain, bringing new opportunities for investors, consumers and businesses

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