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Today we are proud to launch our first trial program for real estate developers to participate in and benefit from the Thrupny cryptocurrency real estate fund concept. Developers will benefit by locking in sales of relevant real estate units to the Thrupny fund.
What is Thrupny?
Thrupny is a real estate investment fund with a difference. Using the power of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ripple, Thrupny makes real estate investment easier and more efficient.
Thrupny is a unique crypto real estate investment fund which is introducing a new generation of crypto currencies and the first Income Coin (a crypto coin that has its value underpinned by real estate assets and provides a return on investment via dividends).
What does Thrupny do?
Thrupny is disrupting the transparency and efficiency of real estate investment, while expanding the crypto ecosystem. In short, it will make investing in real estate easy and makes investing in cryptocurrency rewarding.
Thrupny, by using blockchain technology, is specifically allowing for a more granular (smaller or larger) investment into real estate, initially in the Middle East, but ultimately world wide. Put simply, the aim of Thrupny is to make it easier for anyone around the world to invest and benefit from real estate.
How does this work?
Thrupny is creating a new type of token which will act as a share in the real estate assets owned by the fund.
Thrupny acts very much like a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and its coins are like shares. However, the big difference is that there are no borders in cryptocurrency investment and therefore Thrupny can tap into international funds, particularly those invested in cryptocurrencies, thus making it far easier for investors to enter the market.
Thrupny is also making it easier and more efficient for property developers and managers, as it will be using blockchain and smart city technologies in the management of its investments.
A Partner Program for Real Estate Developers
Thrupny is giving real estate developers an early opportunity to be considered for investment by participating in our investment locking program.
The concept is simple – local real estate developers can contribute a marketing fee now, and thereby secure investment from the fund (within a 12 weeks) from new money via Thrupny – this funding is not available by any other means in this region today.
Additionally, the marketing fund will receive rebates on a regular basis, further increasing the return on investment.
Advantages of the Program
Access new investors outside of normal catchmentsAccess to blockchain and Smart City technologiesRefunds on marketing expenseHigh return on investment on marketingOne buyer and asset manager for all investmentsTokenization of real estate allows for investment from a wider pool of investors and lowers barrier to entryJoint marketing spend results in a larger budget and therefore enhancing market reachROI – Property developers and investors have security through a tradable token
Mechanics of the Program
Property Developer invests in blocks of USD $250,000 (Up to 8 blocks will be available)Thrupny will run an international marketing program to gain exposure for the Developer’s properties and gain investment in the Thrupny Real Estate Investment Fund from new money to the market and in cryptocurrenciesThe Thrupny Fund will invest in the Property Developer’s chosen properties up to USD$5 million value in cryptocurrencies, an ROI in marketing of 20X within one quarterThrupny will manage the fund assets using the latest technologies, including blockchainThrupny will pay rebates to the Property Developer from operational profits, potentially repaying a significant portion of the marketing fundThrupny will help developers manage cryptocurrencies, including using them directly for operations or exchanging them for fiat currencies all over the world