Tuesday 6th November 2018:
Today Thrupny and N’VIRON1 signed a first partnering agreement to work on smart building technology and in particular asset management efficiency. While not a new subject, the partnership are bringing new elements into play with Thrupny’s focus on the cryptocurrency ecosystem and N’VIRON1’s unique platform offering.
Thrupny, a crypto real estate investment fund platform, and Nviron1, is a smart building solution and consulting provider.
Through this partnership, the Thrupny Real Estate Investment Fund Platform will leverage the BitMeEx.estate platform to make investing in properties more efficient for the funds. 

Following through on Thupny’s commitment to expand the cryptocurrency ecosystem and enhance transparency for investors, the fund will seek to optimise building, asset and tennant operation through a combination of Thrupny’s blockchain technology and N’VIRON1’s building management systems.
“Andrew Rippon, Co-Founder of Thrupny noted “We believe that technology can reduce the costs of managing real estate investment funds and we want to deploy innovative systems wherever we can, which is why this partnership with N’VIRON1 is so important to us, as it brings their state of the art smart building management technology”.
“Our focus on building and real estate asset management efficiency with Thrupny’s focus on the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem makes this an innovative partnership that will deliver new services for our customers, aside from the work we look forward to doing with Thrupny.” Jatin Lad, CEO or N’VIRON1 commented.
Additionally, Fernando Jover, Senior Partner at N’VIRON1 pointed out that “Together we will be creating new Intellectual Property with our consulting services that will be deployed to study new efficiency possibilities within real estate management as a whole and for each new asset that funds acquire.”


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Thrupny is the first Income Coin and Crypto Real Estate Investment Fund. At Thrupny we believe in the transparency and efficiency that blockchain can bring to real estate investment and we will be growing the crypto ecosystem in everything that we do.

Contact us on Telegram (https://t.me/thrupny) or email on growthteam@thrupny.com About N’VIRON1 – http://www.nviron1.com N’VIRON1 provides sustainability solutions for government, hospitality and corporate clients. At N’VIRON1, we believe that success comes from a relentless focus on customer goals, in-depth knowledge of the domain, practical approach and execution. These concepts are vital to our energy efficiency and sustainability efforts. In-depth knowledge of our domain is the key towards helping our customers achieve their goals towards energy efficiency and sustainability. Established in 2011, N’VIRON1 provides sustainability consulting throughout the design and construction process, MEP design reviews for buildings under construction and energy audits for existing building, as well as turnkey implementation of the energy efficiency measures with a long term view on energy savings and Smart City and Building Automation services for an integrated and efficient operation. Remote monitoring service guaranteeing a minimum of 20% energy savings annually for all our customers is a specific specialty service.

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