Thursday 4th October 2018:
Yesterday at CITYSCAPE Global in Dubai, Thrupny and BitMeEx.Estate proudly announced their partnership to grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem within real estate.

Through this partnership, the Thrupny Real Estate Investment Fund will leverage the platform to make investing in properties more efficient for the fund. 

Following through on Thupny’s commitment to expand the cryptocurrency ecosystem and enhance transparency for investors, the fund will source its properties through the platform.

Andrew Rippon, CEO and Co-Founder of Thrupny noted “We have said from the beginning that we will seek to use cryptocurrencies in everything that we do, so the platform will be ideal for us as they list properties who’s sellers will accept crypto.”

“This deal helps drive developers to as an official and effective channel for the Thrupny fund to invest in property. Likewise, Thrupny will benefit from the full integration of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, wide connectivity with developers and integration to the Real Estate ecosystem.” Grigory Rybalchenko, CEO of commented.
Joined by their legal counsel Irina Heaver to follow through on the Partnership execution, she commented “Hitherto unheard of levels of transparency, compliance and thorough due diligence that both and Thrupny are bringing to the table will ensure continued integrity and growing levels of trust in this new fascinating technology”. 

The partners will be working over the next three months to integrate their platforms, in anticipation of the launch of the Thrupny Real Estate Fund. 

Both Thrupny and use cryptocurrencies as the source of value for transactions within their platforms.
About Thrupny –
Thrupny is the first Income Coin and Crypto Real Estate Investment Fund.
At Thrupny we believe in the transparency and efficiency that blockchain can bring to real estate investment and we will be growing the crypto ecosystem in everything that we do.
Contact us on Telegram ( or email on 

About –
BitMeEx.Estate takes pride in successfully matching Digital Assets Holders with reputable and professional Real Estate Agents and Developers.
We have made purchasing properties for Digital Assets (like Bitcoin and Ether) easy and stress free by meeting the needs of the Buyers and addressing all of the concerns of the Sellers.
Each Buyer and their Digital Assets undergo a full KYC/AML and Due Diligence process, we work with the most talented compliance and legal professionals in the blockchain space to ensure full compliance.
We have partnered up with a fully licensed EU exchanges and multiple liquidity providers to ensure a legally compliant, fast and secure way to meet the growing demand.
Contact us on hello@BitMeEx.Estate if you would like to partner up with us.