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Thrupny publishes a transparent business plan on digital paper that happens to be white, along with a new intro Video

November 1, 2018

Dubai, 24 October 2018




Today we are launching the Business Plan or the artist formerly published on paper that had a whiteish colour. This is the version 0.04 of our plan. But it is not white and on paper because we believe in transparency and digital documents.


Thrupny is a crypto real estate investment fund which is introducing the first transparent Income Coin. We are disrupting the transparency and efficiency of real estate investment, while expanding the crypto ecosystem. In short, we will make investing in real estate more efficient and more rewarding using blockchain technology in everything that we do. 


Smart building and tenant management technologies will be part of our platform, as will our custom Robot Escrow, automated impartial transaction assistant.


"Among one of the may innovations we are bringing into real estate management, I am proud of our Robot Escrow" commented Andrew Rippon, co-founder of Thrupny. "While we have yet to name it or give it a sex, we have worked hard to make this a strong transparency feature in trade with suppliers and tenants. For example, one feature will be to transparently store tenant deposits and even give them the possibility to lend the deposit and gain interest on it through our ecosystem."


The combined Business Plan and ideation paper is intended to give potential investors and partners a view on both our vision for how to disrupt stable or asset backed coins, as well as real estate investment. 


Our vision of complete transparency will be executed with our transparency protocol, a unique layer 2 blockchain protocol that will include real time market information, transaction data and real estate efficiency optimisation.


The ideation paper covers the business and technical explanation of the Thrupny project, while the business model and financial forecast is included to ensure a complete picture. 


Meanwhile the updated introductory video is targeted at newcomers to the Thrupny concept and potential investors.


Both Ideation Paper / Business Plan and the Video are available on the website at


At Thrupny we are all about transparency and the crypto ecosystem, so do ask us question or send us crypto!


To join our revolution in real estate investment and asset backed coins, contact us:





Or contact our founder Andrew Rippon

Telegram: @awrippon









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