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Other similar platforms are expensive, lack reusability, and use outdated technology that inhibits the ability to truly and effectively authenticate documents. Smart technologies, through the use of a unique KYC platform, allows you to efficiently identify your customers and manage their data through the entire client cycle.

At Thrupny, our SaaS and KYC platforms are completely focused on a user-friendly, customer-oriented service. From the start.

Our Solution

Yet maintain quality, flexibility, and security of services. Thrupny uses distributed, low-cost resources and SaaS automation wherever possible. While today’s market rates complete KYC transactions are high, Thrupny is a disruptor in the space.
At Thrupny, we create a KYC service that has Self-Service SaaS integration available. Thrupny also generates a number of plugins and white label options for various popular technologies. This means you use less of your own time and resources while securing the most up to date installations.
Using modern tech is far more cost-effective than the outdated processes of previous generations. KYC can cut integration costs by 90% while maintaining quality, flexibility, and security of services.
With the Latest Smart Technologies and AI, Thrupny uses sophisticated algorithms to enhance identification capabilities with up to 98% accuracy.
Our use of blockchain and other integrations allows for the reusability of an ID, which eliminates the need to recapture an image in the future.

Our KYC SaaS Platform has multiple benefits for a range of use cases


reduction in implementation costs


reduction in per identity validation


future-proofing for upcoming digital identities


markup in the current market


flexibility in pricing from modern tech.

Our key technologies

Thrupny offers a new, unique Software as a Service (SaaS) KYC Platform to allow a wide set of industries to better identify clients in an accurate and cost-efficient way. Our KYC was created with access to the most advanced modern tech, utilizing image recognition, AI, Machine Learning, and many other sophisticated fintech solutions.

Image & ID Recognition

Accurately verify clients in real-time through the use of our fast and automated operations. And, use these credentials to efficiently speed up the login process on third-party platforms.

Step 1: User credentials

Traditional user verification uses an insecure and outdated username and password structure. There’s no real way to truly confirm who is logging in and accessing private data.

Our KYC platform will request important information to assure identity in accordance with your requirements and the personal security of your customers.

Step 2: Upload Your Photo

Customers will upload a clear image or “selfie” and advanced tech will quickly analyze every focus point on the face in real-time. These images can be compared to validated identification types from around the world to match facial features as well as the authenticity of the document.

Users will also have the ability to enhance their ID recognition from the platform to log-in to other social media apps.

Step 3: Review The Results

By securely authenticate user identification with advanced facial recognition technologies and genuine human expertise, you can enhance customer service and prevent the risk of fraud.

Through advanced APIs and third-party algorithms, results can be achieved within minutes and from there become a quick and easy means of verification We also offer a network of support for our users to answer questions or to aid in solving any inconsistent results.

Voting with KYC

Three 3 x 3 x 3 program to implement electronic voting

  • 3 Problems 3 Solutions delivered in 3 Months

The Problems

  • fast and secure roll out
  • guarantee identity
  • guarantee unique votes

The Solutions

  • KYC
  • Digital Identity
  • Blockchain Ledger

Delivered in 3 months

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