CITY SCAPE GLOBAL – September 2018
The pre-eminent real estate exhibition in Dubai has been a treasure trove of contacts and discussions. We made two significant steps. Firstly we announced our partnership with to enable the Thrupny fund to buy property directly with crypto. Bitmeex will list a large selection of property available via crypto and is working with the Land Department on the purchase process, as will thrupny in due course, leveraging our Bitmeex relationship.
For their part, the Dubai Land Department were showcasing their significant steps into digitizing the real estate purchase process though blockchain and their app. All of this will be useful to Thrupny.

CENTURION INVESTOR FORUM – September 2018 A boutique event for very focused investors and projects, this was the opportunity to discuss with several potential investors. We came away with some good ideas and got exposure to some of the top crypto investors in the region.