Team leader leading meeting in an office
Here in the Thrupny team our main mantra is transparency. For that reason we have opened our social networks to enable you to connect and most importantly ask any question you may have. The networks are managed by members of out team and we are available as long as possible during the day, as we have teams in various places to keep cover going. We make full use of the mobile capabilities to make ourselves available even when on the move. This might sound like a basic these days, but we believe in making our operation visible, not making a show.
Preferred Chanel
Here you can see our latest posts and interact with us, this is monitored pretty much constantly
Other Chanels
Again, you will see all our posts here and pls do use it as a channel to send in questions if you wish, response may be a little slower.
Connected to our massive professional network, our linked in page is the place where we will stimulate industry debate in both crypto and financial worlds.
On the web site you can use the chat function, we are monitoring it for long periods but at times it may take a while for us to respond.
Send in any questions or comments via email and we will respond, usually same or next day.
TWITTER – is coming, the Thrupny account is assigned but not activated yet.
CRYPTO CHANELS such as Bitcointalk, etc, will be launched during the pre-ico phase.